This site reports the organization to address the creation of advanced workplaces. It also describes efforts to change the process of work and behavior habits in addition to devising of office space.



Entertainment Media Company: Recapturing the Corporate Culture for Growth into New Areas

[Rovio Entertainment] Espoo, Finland

Rovio Entertainment has grown rapidly while maintaining the company values and its story and being open to new ideas from outside at the same time. Worksight visits the home of the global phenomenon, “Angry Birds”.

An Innovation Platform, Bringing Breakthroughs to Corporations and Society

[Aalto Design Factory] Espoo, Finland

A design research institute, but one creating the seeds for small, fast, affordable innovation through collaboration with corporations. We visit Finland’s Aalto Design Factory.

A place where the mind and soul meet, reflecting the lifestyle of Berlin

[Mindspace] Berlin, Germany

Mindspace was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2014. It entered Friedrichstrasse, Berlin in 2016. It quickly captured the hearts of the people of Berlin immediately after its opening, and captured attention as the unique co-working space.

Berlin’s first coworking space arrives with the changes in the city

[Sankt Oberholz] Berlin, Germany

Created in 2006, St. Oberholz is the oldest coworking space in Berlin. It has a history of creating famous startups, including SoundCloud and HelloFresh. What are the reasons behind its ability to attract people?

Attracting top talent from all over the world: An Egoless culture

[HelloFresh] Berlin, Germany

HelloFresh is the global leading meal-kit delivery service. Since its foundation in 2011 it’s staff has grown massively, recently at 100 percent; it is a remarkable startup developing its business in nine countries, across three continents. Although the company is growing so rapidly, it’s very refreshing to see how they were able to keep their down-to-earth spirit and open and warm work culture.

SAP: major-corporation innovation, born in Potsdam

[SAP Innovation Center Potsdam] Potsdam, Germany

SAP is known for its business ERP. Headquartered in souther-German Walldorf, it also established a research and development facility, the Innovation Center, in Potsdam. There you can look out at a lake, in an environment surrounded by nature. It is very different from the big city of Berlin. Why did SAP choose this location?

To increase work productivity, choose working in a cafe

[Workshop Cafe] San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s Financial District is known as the “Wall Street of the West Coast.” In the area, there is a cafe where people gather day or night. Known as the Workshop Cafe, you can see the ingenuity of the founder in the creation of the space, the interior and its ease of use.

A Los Angeles incubator attracting the world’s cleantech companies

[LACI] Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles was a thriving community and a leader of the US manufacturing industry but it was suffering from environmental issues concerning dust, water and transpiration-related problems. AN NPO to attract outstanding cleantech companies, LACI, was created in the city. Its effects are already very visible in the short five years since its founding.

An artistic environment to nurture Hollywood’s next generation

[Emerson College] Los Angeles

Emerson College was founded more than 130 years ago. Its faculty members teach marketing and communications, journalism, film, television, theater, screenwriting, and more. A large number of students graduate with these majors. The college also opened a campus in LA, Emerson College Los Angeles.

Solving Social Problems Through Participatory Design; An Innovation Unit Involving Citizens, Lab Corporations and Government

[MindLab] Copenhagen, Denmark

MindLab is an innovation unit bringing together Denmark’s Ministry of Business and Growth, Ministry of Children and Education and Ministry of Employment. Participatory design was used to involve citizens and resolve social issues.

Unique Approach to Innovation: In-House Innovation

[Deutsche Telekom AG] Berlin, Germany

Deutsche Telekom AG, a telecommunications company with Europe’s largest market share, has in recent years put additional efforts into expanding its internet-related services. The secret for its global success is their unique approach to innovation.

Eight Experts Bring Forth Social Reform

[Sitra] Helsinki, Finland

Sitra is Finland’s official body for social innovation. To resolve sophisticated, complex problems, it developed an original innovation method known as the Studio.

Developing a community, based on coworking

[Citizen Space] San Francisco, California, USA

Citizen Space, a key mover in the coworking space movement. From providing a simple facility, to today hosting the Co-Learning seminars, it develops a wide range of services. But at the heart of it, always, is the community-based coworking concept.

Aimed at solving social problems: An NGO in Toronto, Canada

[TakingITGlobal] Toronto, Canada

The NGO TakingItGlobal (TIG) operates a website providing support to young people who are strongly interested in social issues such as poverty and health. It is based around just 15 employees, and has grown into a site with some 50 million users around the world. It provides a unique set of activities.

Values and a shared vision Attract creative talent

[Getty Images] Seattle, Washington, USA

The tough changes in the stock photo industry aren’t stopping the momentum of Getty Images, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. Despite gathering creative talent to Seattle from all over the world, the company is a rare example of a firm that has been able to retain its human resources. This article explores the reasons why this is true.

Stanford University’s special organization, where the innovation to turn design concepts into reality is taught

[D.SCHOOL] Palo Alto, California, USA

In order to deal with the high uncertainty about future prospects, the d.school provides an original method of problem solving. During our research, here we found a place where people apply their hands and heads, find their motivation and, through trial and error, find the hints for practical solutions.

Creators from Redmond dominate the American game industry

[DigiPen Institute of Technology] Redmond, Washington, USA

DigiPen is a university that has produced a string of developers active in the US game industry. But why are they able to consistently train these excellent people at this university? The answer is that, rather than focusing on technology alone, they’ve designed a curriculum focused on thoroughly investigating the kinds of technology needed to produce a particular product and their students put this to practice year after year.

Using open-minded thinking to achieve artistic work

[OBSCURA DIGITAL] San Francisco, California, USA

A company creating globally surprising, revolutionary image technology requires individual passion, and the strong stimulus of a super group of colleagues. We look into this company where an environment has been created effectively bringing employees with sharp senses into working process.

Creating a highly public place to capture the desire for both external and internal self-realizationA

[WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION] San Francisco, California, USA

The reason that a group of just over 100 staff can manage the massive Internet infrastructure of one of the top-five globally-accessed sites is the involvement of outside resources. We discover the secrets behind this cohesive space where cooperating workers just stop by casually.

A product concept that reflects the individual’s own way of action

[Evernote] Redwood City California, USA

Just recently — in July of 2012— Evernote moved into a new office in Redwood City, California. The company has experienced explosive growth, but it has continued to build on its unique product, one that allows people on the move to synchronize their important information.